When working with the right partner and network, transferring production between sites allows companies to reap a variety of strategic advantages. Timeline and cost efficiencies can be gained when a trusted CDMO can take a product from development to commercial launch. They can safeguard supply by producing at more than one site, and improve distribution by moving production closer to critical markets. They can also reduce program costs and risks by moving production to sites that are better qualified, can produce more economically, or are better positioned to meet the needs of regulators

During this session, you will learn more about:

    • Overcoming hurdles and ensure project success including PM tools, people, network capabilities, process improvement, and culture
    • Addressing challenges and risks faced during technology transfers in the industry and new product processes
    • Selecting the right partner to ensure flexibility while taking your product from development through commercial
    • Explore case studies demonstrating each of above items

Featured Speaker

Derek Gallo

Director, Global Technology Transfer & Pharma Strategic Projects
Thermo Fisher

Derek is the head of Technology Transfer for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Drug Product Division as well as Pharma Services Strategic Programs, including a portfolio of over 120 active technology transfers of new drug products across North America and Europe, and over 200 lifecycle projects managed by the project management organization.  Derek, based out of North Carolina, has been with Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2016 and previously responsible for managing technology transfer at the Greenville, NC site.  During this time, under Derek’s leadership, the technology transfer organization has transferred and launched over 100 products across the nine drug product facilities.  Derek joined Thermo Fisher Scientific with prior experience in project management, validation engineering, operations, and research and development within the pharma industry.


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