Optum will bring together cross-industry experts to share a case study detailing how an employer, provider, payer and pharmaceutical company worked together to address migraines, a hard-to-diagnose condition. Learn how this team started with a model to risk stratify, predict undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and mismanaged members and how those analytics were used to enrich engagement for treatment and diagnosis optimization. 

In this webinar, presenters will share their data-driven approaches to accelerating appropriate diagnosis, treatment optimization and improved patient outcomes, including:

  • Motivations behind the partnership to address a shared problem
  • Importance of this collaboration and the process
  • Strategies for successful risk stratification
  • When and why – or why not – to tailor specific interventions across settings
  • Results of the program and how it improved patient care, outcomes and increased satisfaction
  • How the program can be applied and replicated for other diagnoses/therapeutic areas

Featured Speakers

Olivia Banyon

Vice President, Cross-Optum Programs

With more than 20 years’ experience across the life sciences, pharmaceutical and health care industries, Olivia Banyon leads the team that harnesses the power of Optum to design and facilitate programs between life sciences companies, payers, providers and patients to address care gaps and improve quality of care. Prior to joining Optum, Banyon led numerous pilot studies with large health systems, national and regional payers, and provider groups at Sanofi. Banyon holds a master’s in epidemiology.

Tina Kelley

Senior Director, Cross-Optum Programs

As a senior leader with over 20 years of experience in retail, financial services, consulting and health care verticals, Tina Kelley has established a deep expertise for business enablement through design and development of strategic programs that contribute to bottom line growth. She has worked in research and development roles across UnitedHealth Group for 8 years, focusing on innovative solutions in healthcare including telehealth, chronic care management and alternative care delivery models. Kelley’s passion is delivering on innovative engagements that contribute to the advancement of the health care industry.

Craig Kurtzweil

Vice President, Data Analytics and Innovation, National Accounts

Throughout his 15-year tenure at UnitedHealth Group, Craig Kurtzweil has held several leadership roles within UHG and UnitedHealthcare (UHC), always focusing on innovation though analytics. In 2016 he transitioned to his current position and formed the Center for Advanced Analytics to focus on analytic innovations that change the way health care value is evaluated as well as enhance the role analytics plays in supporting the organization’s National Account customers. Kurtzweil is constantly working on inventing the next generation of health care analytics.

Mary Charpentier

Research Director
Reliant Medical Group

As research director at Reliant Medical Group, Mary Charpentier facilitates research efforts with universities, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations, coordinating project plans, timelines and budgets. Before being named to her current position in 2016, Charpentier served as Reliant’s IRB Administrator for 15 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Fitchburg State University and maintains current CIM® (IRB Manager) certification. Charpentier’s main goal is to contribute to healthcare advancements through top quality and highly ethical research work.

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