For an emerging US-based biopharma company, there are many “pathways” to maximizing value in ex-US markets, and the best one for a given situation isn’t always obvious.

Questions abound. Why should we expand beyond the US market? What are the potential pathways?  How does the company decide between them?

Attendees to this webinar will hear from a panel of seasoned biopharma executives who have successfully grappled with these same questions. In particular, attendees will:

  1. Learn about the major pathways to value companies have taken over the past few years (i.e., does “going it alone” generate more value than partnering?).
  2. Explore a framework for assessing the options and making critical strategic decisions on your own journey.
  3. Discuss case studies from companies that have taken different pathways to value.

Featured Speakers

Theo Manolikas

Blue Matter Consulting

Based in Zürich, Theofanis Manolikas is a Principal with Blue Matter Consulting. With more than 15 years in the life sciences, his experience spans from bench to business strategy. For the past 10 years, Theo has provided consulting services to help biopharma companies achieve commercial success in Europe and North America. He currently leads Blue Matter’s “Pathfinder” business line, which specializes in helping biopharma companies enter and succeed in European markets. Theo earned a Dr. sc. In Physical Chemistry from ETH Zürich and an MBA from IMD Business School.

Thomas Lackner

Senior Vice President, Head of Europe
Apellis Pharmaceuticals

Based in Zug, Switzerland, Thomas Lackner is SVP, Head of Europe for Apellis Pharmaceuticals.  Thomas’ career in the life science industry spans 27 years.  He began his career with Eli Lilly, later moving to Wyeth (now Pfizer) in Austria.  Later, he joined Biogen where he held a number of leadership roles in Europe.  Prior to joining Apellis, he was Head of European Commercial Operations for Prothena Corporation.  Thomas earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Texas A&M University.

Michelle Lock

FormerSenior Vice President, Head of Europe
Sage Therapeutics

Most recently, Michelle Lock served as Senior Vice President and Head of Europe for Sage Therapeutics.  Her career in the life sciences spans 27 years and multiple continents, with roles in Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, and the US.  In addition to Sage Therapeutics, Michelle worked for many years with Bristol-Myers Squibb and has served on various Boards of Directors.  She earned a degree in Management from INSEAD, France and a Science/Nursing degree from the University of Melbourne.

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