For more than a decade, carriers and mobile operators have actively been exploring opportunities offered by the smart cities and wider IoT markets. This coincides with a double transformation regarding their role extending beyond providing connectivity services to capabilities and services higher up the value chain (applications, analytics, security, professional services, etc) while at the same time moving from connectivity-centric consumer/enterprise offers to complex solutions for verticals and industries. All of this is driven by declining connectivity margins, urging the telecom industry to adopt the “untelco” paradigm.

This webinar features a panel of industry experts poised to discuss a host of topics, including:

  • The “build versus buy” debate
    • Operators choosing to develop the technical knowledge, market savviness, and in-house flexibility, or
    • Operators existing in a broader IoT and smart cities collaborative ecosystem in which no one company maintains end-to-end control or customer ownership
  • The evolving needs in IoT technologies and verticals, and how carrier strategies can address those needs
  • The future of carriers beyond their connectivity heritage and how they can take on the “untelco” role
  • And more!

Featured Speakers

Mike Jeronis

VP Product Development

Mike is responsible for leading a team architecting advanced data management systems. Mike has significant engineering and organizational management experience. Prior to joining the Chordant team among other roles, he led the InterDigital ASIC/DSP organization, which was responsible for chipset design and development of the InterDigital SlimChipTM product.

Dominique Bonte

Mangaing Director and Vice President
ABI Research

Dominique Bonte, Managing Director and Vice President, leads ABI Research's end markets research team, which covers intelligent transportation, automotive, smart mobility, smart home, smart healthcare, industrial internet, enterprise, smart cities and retail. Personal focus areas include smart cities, Mobility as a Service, autonomous vehicles, connected cars, use of blockchain, cybersecurity and AI in automotive, in-vehicle infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and cooperative systems, usage-based insurance, and commercial telematics.

Roberto Gavazzi

Smart City and Industrial Internet Senior Program Manager

Roberto has spent more than 25 years in Telecom Italia Laboratories focusing first on Network Management and then on Telco Services. During his career Roberto was responsible for the "Service Management" functional unit, for Programs (Program Manager) and for Client Management (CAM - Client Area Manager) in Telecom Italia. In this last period Roberto is managing Programs on 5G Network technologies, Smart City, Industrial Internet and Internet of Things. Currently Roberto is also the Project Manager for the development, deployment and operation of a Telecom Italia IoT and smart city environment and platform called Open Air Lab in Torino.

Scott McElroy

Vice President of Technology
Definition Networks

Scott McElroy is Vice President of Technology at Definition Networks, responsible for overseeing technology initiatives, and helping Operators differentiate themselves by generating new revenue streams and solving business challenges. Scott is a seasoned communications executive, having held senior management positions with AT&T as well as working as a consultant to telecommunications companies, advising on business strategy and technology.


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