“Next Best” suggestions are widely seen as the tools best suited to address the challenge of omnichannel orchestration. For highly specialized pharma, go-to-market models that rely on key account approaches can feel disconnected from the omnichannel focus, particularly when engaged as a primary solution to challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With large numbers of patients likely to need specialty treatments, do key account management (KAM) teams need to adjust their way of working? How should they be leveraging omnichannel approaches that seem more suited to support primary care?

In this webinar, we will share some of our answers to these questions. We will look into how Next Best programs can be leveraged to support account-based engagement models and consider the right opportunities to leapfrog industry leaders by enhancing proven models with technology-based coordination and insights-led decision processes.

Featured Speaker

António Pregueiro

VP Life Science and Practice Lead

Dr. António Pregueiro is part of IQVIA’s Customer Engagement Center of Excellence. António’s experience spans both pharma and consulting, having worked in strategic marketing, commercial operations, and analytics.

Prior to joining IQVIA, he was a business unit head for Takeda leading a team of Key Account Managers to launch the IBD biologic Entyvio.