Attribute-Based Pricing:
What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Hotels that offer a booking strategy with room prices based on attributes will provide guests freedom of choice…and will achieve higher revenue. This paper explores the concepts of attribute-based shopping and pricing to guide hotel technology needs as the industry pushes forward.

Guest expectations are evolving, and the hotel of tomorrow needs to be prepared to meet them. The growing challenge facing the industry, on both sides of the front desk, is the lack of control guests have over many aspects of the hotel experience.

We believe attribute-based shopping (ABS) is the solution to this problem and the future of hotel booking. By embracing a booking strategy that offers room prices based on individual elements, guests are offered freedom of choice and hotels are awarded higher revenue.

IDeaS has partnered with Hudson Crossing to explore the often discussed but perhaps inadequately understood concepts of ABS and attribute-based pricing (ABP)—the means by which a revenue manager can provide guests an ABS experience—and seek to establish a lexicon to help guide hoteliers and technology providers as the industry pushes toward these novel solutions.

Download our white paper to learn more about what ABP is, why it matters, and how to pave the path for ABS in the unforeseen future.

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