Cybersecurity is a pillar of digital transformation and successfully realizing the benefits of technology investments. Transformation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is accelerating; at the same time, cyber attacks are more frequent and severe.

This session teaches you how to integrate cybersecurity into your transformation initiatives or existing integrated control system (ICS) operations technology (OT) infrastructure, sharing lessons learned from other industries and organizations. ICS/OT cybersecurity is not a one-time project or technology, it requires a transformational approach as well to integrate it into procurement, specification, design, testing, and operations.

Learn actionable and real-world recommendations from Honeywell’s experienced ICS/OT cybersecurity team, as they reveal how they’ve coached both sites and enterprises to establish a resilient ICS/OT cybersecurity program.

Featured Speaker

Donovan Tindill

Senior Cybersecurity Strategist
Honeywell Connected Enterprise

Donovan has over 20 years of Industrial/OT cybersecurity consulting experience across multiple industries, advising those with advanced cybersecurity programs or helping start OT cybersecurity programs from zero. He’s an industry advisor to US CISA and Public Safety Canada, known globally for his expertise. Donovan has supported ISA-99/62443 as a Trainer, Contributor, and Editor of multiple work products.