Service providers are optimizing service deliveries using scalable and elastic virtual system infrastructures. Doing this requires extensive synergies between the physical infrastructures being deployed and the software they are supporting. Providers have choices in how they design and deploy these elements. To explore these choices ACG Research analyzed the characteristics of the three major architectures that are currently available. ACG found that the open and model-driven infrastructures significantly outperform the two other architectures providers can consider.

This webinar will highlight the motivations driving operators to pursue these designs; outline the characteristics of the alternatives available in supporting them; highlight the economic dimensions of each in supporting top service provider use cases; and showcase the attributes of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise open, model-driven infrastructure blueprints in supporting providers’ goals. Attendees will gain a clear appreciation of the value of model-driven infrastructures in achieving the agility and efficiency service providers require moving forward.

Featured Speakers

Roshan Thekkekunnel

Group Manager, PLM & GTM , Hybrid IT Telco Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Roshan leads the Solution PLM and GTM team for Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Hybrid IT Telco business. He is responsible for defining, building and launching to market next generation telco infrastructure designs based on HPE’s industry leading infrastructure portfolio. Roshan has spent the last 15 years working with networking technologies, starting his career as an enterprise wireless system architect before moving into product management. 

Paul Parker-Johnson

Practice Lead, Cloud & Virtual System Infrastructures Research
ACG Research

Paul Parker-Johnson (PJ) leads ACG’s cloud computing, data center and network virtualization research and consulting practices. His work examines market sizes, innovations, use cases and trends in cloud computing, NFV, edge computing, virtual system infrastructure platforms, and the technologies that enable them. PJ’s passion for the cloud springs from a rich history of engagement in network and application innovations for over 30 years.


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