With the huge growth of data at the edge and developments in AI/ML, the next industrial revolution will be powered by edge computing. Service providers are uniquely placed to combine value-add apps, with connectivity and their central offices close to every enterprise, to deliver edge computing solutions. The key to making this successful is to ensure apps are easy to deploy and manage across distributed sites. After hearing insights on the edge market delivered by IDC, HPE will share how aaS intent-based edge orchestration can enable CSPs to successfully manage apps and drive revenue streams that OTT cloud competitors can’t duplicate. 

Featured Speakers

Rolf Eberhardt

Head of Orchestration
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Rolf leads the orchestration solution family of Communications and Media Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Previously, Rolf was responsible for HPE’s OSS fulfillment solutions portfolio and for leading the CMS team in Switzerland and Austria.  Rolf has over 25 years of industrial experience in the telecoms and computing Industry beginning with Swisscom in R&D followed by 21 years at HP/HPE. Rolf holds an MBA from University of St. Gallen and a Masters in Informatics from ETH Zurich.

Martina Kurth

Head of European Telco Research & Advisory

Martina Kurth heads IDC's European Telco Research practice. Martina has developed nearly 20 years of subject matter expertise in the global telecommunications sector, of which 15 years are as telco analyst and C-level strategic technology advisor. This includes engagements advising telco CIOs and CTOs regarding mission critical investments. Her research/advisory expertise pertains to intertwined telco infrastructure & software related topics, including digital technology platforms, Cloud, SDN/NFV, 5G, Edge, IoT, Customer Experience and AI/Analytics. Previously, Martina held various senior roles in the telco industry as well as hands-on involvement in telco standards and technology evolution with leading global standards organizations, particularly TM Forum, US. Martina holds a B.A. and M.A. in European Business and Information Technology from Newcastle University, UK.

Date:  Tuesday, June 30, 2020 
Duration:  1 Hour
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