The coming spread of eSIM-based devices is just another step in the evolution of identity modules. The real challenge behind the expansion is the management of user identities in a way that is secure yet shared among devices, applications and parties. This is where CSPs, with Digital ID management solutions, have a true edge.

This webinar will scan the critical elements for today’s trusted management of multiple identities and will draw their evolution to enable CSPs’ pivotal roles in the upcoming digital identity eco-systems.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • The must haves for identity management
  • Identification and activation with SIM, eSIM and SIM-less devices
  • Expanding end-users trust relationships
  • Sharing attributes and claims to 3rd parties
  • OpenID and OAuth protocols and practices
  • Live Q&A

HPE is a global leader in Identity and Entitlement solutions for CSP, with over 500 Million individual devices served to date.

Featured Speakers

Jerome Sicard

Worldwide Distinguished Technologist, Communications & Media Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Jerome Sicard is a Distinguished Technologist in the Communication & Media Solutions organization. At HPE, he is acting as the worldwide architect for the Digital Identity program, focusing on Device and User Gateways and Authentication/Identity solutions.

Sue Rudd

Networks and Service Platforms Strategy Analytics

At Strategy Analytics, Sue Rudd, Director Networks and Service Platforms, focuses on new opportunities for SDN/NFV, 5G, Network Slicing, Edge Services, Video Delivery Optimization and Telco Cloud as well as Service Assurance, SON for HetNets, Small Cells and Wi-Fi /Mobile Interoperability etc.

Date:  Thursday, January 30, 2020
Duration:  1 Hour
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