The Primary Care First Act was passed in 2018 with the goal of improving the quality of and access to healthcare for all Medicare beneficiaries, particularly those with complex chronic conditions and serious illnesses. The legislation changes the reimbursement model and increases funding to primary care physicians (PCPs) to help facilitate better care, decrease the number of hospital visits for these patients, and improve outcomes.

As the start date for the initial cohort of participants approaches, IMO’s Jim Thompson, MD, and Amy Loriaux, PhD, take a closer look at the Act and its implications for patients and providers alike.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the Primary Care First Act, who it impacts, goals, and who can participate
  • Identify how the Act changes reimbursement practices
  • Discuss how the legislation may affect the patient experience
  • Review key success factors to optimize reimbursements

Featured Speakers

Jim Thompson, MD

Physician Informaticist
Intelligent Medical Objects

Jim Thompson, MD ABIM ABEM is a physician informaticist with Intelligent Medical Objects. His passion is creating an Electronci Health Record that works for clinicians. Jim started his clinical career as an academic Internist, and then segued into Emergency Medicine after obtaining his second Board Certification. Jim’s career positions have included roles as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Loyola University Medical Center, Medical Director of Urgent Cares for Central DuPage Hospital (now part of Northwestern Medicine); and Medical Director of Informatics (CMIO, also at CDH). Jim’s 25-year clinical career was mostly spent in the Emergency Department at CDH. Jim left clinical practice to become Vice President for Medical Affairs with McKesson Corporation for 8 years before joining IMO. Jim’s accomplishments include building an EHR at CDH that was nationally recognized as Most Wired every year he was CMIO there. CDH was the first hospital in the nation to put patient health information onto the cellular data network. Jim has had multiple national speaking engagements including HIMSS. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

Amy Loriaux

Health Industry Standards Writer
Intelligent Medical Objects

Amy Loriaux joined Intelligent Medical Objects in January 2020 as the Health Industry and Standards Writer in the Office of the CMO. She has nearly 15 years of experience in both the academic and private sectors preparing preclinical and clinical research documents for submission to federal agencies. She has worked as a regulatory writer for a clinical trial management firm in Plano, Texas, where she compiled and submitted documents to the FDA, reviewed and summarized clinical trial data, and conducted pre-audits of electronic trial management systems.

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