The information contained within a patient’s medical record is complex. Not only does it combine data from across the healthcare ecosystem, it also contains various types of documentation from each encounter. To further complicate things, the medical vocabulary is unique with a large lexicon of medical terms, concepts, synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations. 

Reviewing and consolidating this data to form a comprehensive view of a patient’s health is a significant challenge for most healthcare organizations, though is essential in order to accurately inform appropriate patient care, analytics, research, and reporting.

That said, many healthcare organizations are leveraging advanced technology to help augment and accelerate the labor-intensive process of extracting relevant clinical insights for high value use cases.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about:

  • Deriving insights across your claims and unstructured clinical data
  • Pain points of clinical chart review and how to improve the process
  • Enabling prospective risk adjustment without ruining your provider relationships

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Featured Speakers

David Ingram

Sr. Director, Product Management, Health Language  
Wolters Kluwer

As Senior Director of Product Management, David supports the Health Language division of Wolters Kluwer in delivering standardized terminologies, data normalization, and clinical NLP to accelerate chart review, enabling improved efficiency and performance for organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.

David holds a bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University, and has over 20 years of healthcare industry experience helping organizations with Revenue Cycle Management and Clinical Terminology.

One of David’s most notable accomplishments is developing the first predictive model to help cash-strapped hospitals manage receivables during the housing crisis.

Sarah Bryan

Director, Product Management, Health Language  
Wolters Kluwer

As Director, Product Management, Sarah supports the company’s Health Language solutions by understanding challenges managing healthcare terminologies to enable the semantic interoperability necessary for data accuracy. One of the most significant rewards of her profession is delighting customers by accelerating their workflow and giving them confidence in their data integrity.

She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado, an MS in Health and Medical Informatics from Brandeis University, and a Pragmatic Marketing Certification.

Sarah enjoys traveling, hiking, and snowboarding with her husband and two young boys when she isn’t too busy taking care of her chickens, three dogs, and two guinea pigs.