[Guide] Managing Clinical Trial Patient & Site Engagement During COVID-19: Guidance to Help Respond to Immediate Challenges

To help minimize the disruption of COVID-19 on clinical trial patient and site engagement, we have created a support guide for clinical trial sponsors. It includes strategies to help minimize risk to enrollment timelines while helping sponsors navigate FDA guidance on conducting clinical trials during a pandemic – all while prioritizing patient safety and care.

Featured guidance includes:

  • Patient and Site Communication
  • Air Travel Optimization
  • Minimizing Infection Risk
  • Medicine Delivery
  • At-home Study Visits
  • Auxiliary Site Staff

As many sponsors weigh the decision to suspend new studies, the guidance presented here is designed to help sponsors in their efforts to keep current studies on track. BBK Worldwide recognizes the challenges of the evolving COVID-19 environment and is available to help you identify and quickly implement solutions to minimize disruption to your individual studies.

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BBK Worldwide is committed to enhancing the clinical trial patient experience through a combination of services and technology-driven solutions that educate consumers, engage participants, unburden sites, and support sponsors.

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