Join healthcare executives from Google Cloud and GSK to discuss how life science organizations are transforming their supply chain efforts using data, analytics, and AI. Our panelists will discuss how leading life science organizations are using AI to enhance equipment availability, performance, and quality across the supply chain - helping to bring critical medications to patients more quickly and efficiently. As the industry prepares for one of the largest vaccine distribution efforts in modern history, hear how leading life science companies are thinking about innovation in their supply chain.

Our panelists will discuss how leading life science organizations are using AI to:

  • Improve reliability of a distribution network that ensures medications and services are delivered on-time at the right quantity at the highest quality.
  • Improve responsiveness by shortening fulfillment cycle times
  • Increase agility and better respond to external influences and marketplace changes
  • Reduce the cost of the total supply chain operating model
  • Enhance asset efficiency of medical equipment, key inventories and fixed assets

Featured Speakers

Shweta Singh Maniar

Industry Strategy Leader

At Google Cloud, Shweta is the strategy and market leader responsible for Healthcare and Life Sciences. Shweta has quickly risen through the ranks as a well-known innovator, game-changer, and relationship ambassador. With 20+ years’ experience in clinical research, Healthcare and Bio Tech, she has proven time and time again how valuable relationships can be by enabling dozens of start-up firms with access to capital from Federal grants and VC firms alike. She brings an eye for detail, winning contract negotiations, and financial insight to support her commercial partnership strategy expertise. A position was created just for her, after excelling in a Commercial Partnering and Strategy role at Genentech. She has been the recipient of multiple awards at Genentech, including two “Innovation Awards,” “MVP Award,” and more.

Shweta brings an impressive network of established healthcare system relationships across Digital Health & Technology, Investor, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Hospital Systems Industries. She is passionate about keeping current with trends in medical devices, data, wearables, IoT, EHR, and machine learning. Since joining Google, Shweta leads the Life Sciences Solutions strategy as well as develops and manages a variety of customer and partnership relationships while identifying new opportunities.

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Jayshree Kottapalli

Sr. Director Digital, Data and Analytics

Jayshree is an experienced industry AI and technology expert and evangelist who believes in embedding Analytics and Emerging cutting edge technologies into today’s business culture for enabling them to be a data driven company. With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of business including business & technology strategy, design & delivery, she brings experience along with expertise to the area she handles with a particular focus on customer experience. She lead companies across industries like Citibank, Vodafone into successfully transforming as a data driven organisation. She was the Global Head for Analytics & AI Vodafone, successfully leading a number of Analytics, AI, Automation and Machine Learning initiatives. She currently advises Telco companies strategically to implement enterprise scale AI and Analytics which involves extracting value through analytics, starting with identifying business value, build business use cases, set strategy, provide advisory guidance, delivery & operations utilising new technology to businesses as well as mentoring teams of data Scientists on subjects such as Machine Learning, AI, NLP, Biometrics and RPA. Currently she heads AI & Data Analytics for GSK Pharma Supply Chain and Manufacturing.

She is an active member of EU commission for AI ethics shaping the future of AI implementation, was on Steering committee for TMForum AI division, Oxford University member of Steering council for Data Science and IEEE Fellow. Through industrial bodies like these she contributes towards shaping of the future of AI and Analytics and its proper implementation.