Video production companies across the world have traditionally been tethered to physical facilities, but with the advent of covid-19, remote post production capabilities are more important than ever. Join this webinar to learn more about how video producers can utilize Google Cloud infrastructure, along with partner applications, to develop a remote post production suite that brings your artists and editors together, no matter where they are.

Featured Speakers

Adrian Graham

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect
Google Cloud

Adrian is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect for Media & Entertainment at Google in Los Angeles. With over two decades' experience in the visual effects industry, Adrian worked behind the scenes in technical and supervisory roles at both large and small facilities on film and commercial projects. Adrian leverages his extensive industry expertise to help define next-generation M&E pipelines on the cloud.

Brennan Doyle

Cloud Solutions Architect 
Google Cloud

With over 20 years experience in the Media and Entertainment industry, Brennan brings a diverse background to his role as Cloud Solution Architect at Google. As a former Head of R&D, Visual Effects Supervisor, Product Manager and Head of Operations, he is able to visualize solutions from a variety of perspectives and uses this experience to help customers optimize and future-proof their workflows on the cloud.

Duration:  1 Hour

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