This active shooter webinar will review the major active shooter incidents in healthcare and give you a preview of what experts forecast for 2019.  Discover how the elements of an effective active shooter program will reduce liability, quantify risk and increase CMS compliance. Each attendee will also receive a replay of the webinar and a guide of how to get started!

You'll learn how to:
  • Improve CMS compliance
  • Protect staff members from a violent incident 
  • Prevent violent incidents BEFORE they occur
  • Reduce potential corporate liability and avoid lawsuits
We'll review active shooter lessons learned, examine how they could have been prevented and how to apply these incidents to your hospital, healthcare organization,  ambulatory surgical center, or academic medical center.

Who Should Attend:

Hospital and Healthcare Security Directors, Safety Managers, Emergency Managers, Human Resources Directors, Operations Officers and anyone who wants to prevent violent incidents in their organization and protect staff and patients.

Featured Speaker

Caroline Ramsey-Hamilton, CHS-III

Security, Compliance & Risk Analyst
Risk & Security LLC

Active shooter-risk assessment expert with 20+ years of experience improving security and safety for over 1500 hospitals and healthcare organizations, including the 17 CMS provider types. Developed  risk models for hospitals, ASCs, behavioral health, skilled nursing facilities and residential treatment facilities. Developed risk guidelines for the National Security Agency, for Safe Schools (U.S. Dept. of Justice); and developed risk guidelines for medication errors in pediatric patients. Board member for Public Private Partnership for Preventing Active Shooters. 


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