Routine deployment of small cells is dependent on overcoming the permitting hurdles. Efforts to streamline the permitting process have met with mixed results. One proven way to minimize the permitting hurdle is to place the small cells on aerial strand rather than poles. However, true routine deployment requires a solution to the powering challenge. This webinar discusses how utilizing the strand for locating, powering and in some cases backhaul can speed the process in small cell deployment.

Key topics in this webinar include:

  • An overview of the strand and aerial cabling – how much, where it’s located, regulatory rules
  • A description of small cell powering requirements – voltage, power, backup
  • An explanation of strand-mounted powering solutions for copper and coax cables

Featured Speakers to be Announced

Mike Burkhalter

Senior Director – Emerging Technologies

Michael Burkhalter is the Senior Director for Emerging Technologies for EnerSys Energy Systems Americas. His expertise in telecommunications, wireless, and power is helping to steer EnerSys’ advancements in power and backhaul for 5G and small cell networks. Mike’s team provides consultation to key MNVO, MSO, Wireline, and Wireless partners by developing solutions that facilitate faster project completion, increased partner revenue and long-term strategic advantages.

Iain Gillott

Founder and President

Iain Gillott, the founder and president of iGR, is an acknowledged wireless and mobile industry authority and an accomplished presenter. Mr. Gillott has been involved in the wireless industry, as both a vendor and analyst, for more than 26 years. iGR was founded in 2000 as iGillottResearch, Inc. in order to provide in-depth market analysis and data focused exclusively on the wireless and mobile industry, and now, on the move from 4G LTE to 5G.

Todd Loeffelholz

Vice President of Business Development
Airspan Networks

Mr. Loeffelholz brings over 20 years of wireless, fiber, copper and coaxial technology experience to his role as Vice President of Business Development at Airspan Networks. Prior to joining Airspan, Mr. Loeffelholz spent 5 years leading Product Management at Alpha Technologies and 17 years at TE Connectivity. With multiple leadership roles in product management, engineering, marketing and strategy, he has contributed to the growth of telecommunication products in both North America and International markets. In his current role at Airspan Networks, he is focused on CBRS, LTE, and 5G development for the Americas with particular emphasis on strand based products. Mr. Loeffelholz works closely with sales, engineering, and leadership to develop products and strategies for LTE and 5G platforms. In addition, he has over seven years experience working in the Asia Pacific region.

Date:  Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Time:  1:00pm ET / 10am PT
Duration:  1 hour

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