The FDA has approved 23 biosimilars since 2015, and many companies are considering “interchangeable” status for them, meaning they will be able to be substituted for their more expensive branded counterparts without the prescriber’s permission. In May, as part of its Biosimilar Action Plan issued in late 2018, the FDA provided guidance to manufacturers clarifying the steps they need to take to ensure their biosimilars will be approved as interchangeable. That followed close behind the new budget act, which included a mandate that biosimilars be included in the Medicare Part D coverage gap discount—a change that’s expected to further drive the demand for biosimilars. These moves come amid an ongoing debate about the rising cost of drugs and how policymakers might intervene to bring down prices.

Join us for this webinar as we bring together a panel of industry experts to discuss the changing landscape of biosimilar development and how it will affect pricing in the future.
Topics include:
  • What manufacturers of interchangeable biosimilars need to do during the development process to maximize chances of approval and what they need to know about how it will affect pricing.
  • How biosimilars being treated as branded drugs in the Part D coverage gap affects the marketing challenge for developers of biosimilars, and how they can adopt new strategies for negotiating with private payers for preferential coverage.
  • Current proposals for additional legislation on drug pricing and how that could affect biosimilar development going forward.

Featured Speakers

Chad Pettit

Executive Director, Global Value Access and Policy
Amgen Biosimilars Business Unit


Eva Temkin, J.D.

Director of Policy (Acting), Office of Therapeutic Biologics and Biosimilars


Molly Burich

Director of Public Policy: Biosimilars and Reimbursement
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on behalf of the Biosimilars Forum


Rick Lozano

Vice President of Biosimilars and Integrated Business Development


Trygve Anderson, RPh

Clinical Executive, Point of Care Sales
Elsevier Clinical Solutions


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