Service providers are starting to look at high-scale disaggregated routers for their core and edge networks.

Yet the move towards disaggregation is not enough. Organizations like OCP and TIP support the vision of an open architecture that combines high scale distributed routing solutions running over a disaggregated cluster, made of dozens of white boxes.

Join our webinar and find out how a distributed, disaggregated, and open approach offers substantial benefits including unlimited scale, cost reduction and an end to vendor lock-in.

We’ll explore

  • How can open architecture maximize the benefits of disaggregation
  • Why a distributed NOS is critical for disaggregation
  • Why now is the right time for disaggregation
  • How the distributed, disaggregated architecture scales NFV and SDN

Featured Speakers

Yuval Moshe

VP of Product

Yuval Moshe, the VP of Product, has over 13 years in the network communications industry. Starting as a Network Engineer in the Israeli Air Force, Yuval brings expertise in routing, network design, and providing IP/MPLS network solutions for service providers. Prior to joining DriveNets, Yuval was part of an innovative SDN platform at Compass Networks and managed Pre & Post-Sale engineering at ECI Telecom.

Roy Chua

Founder and Principal

Roy Chua is Founder and Principal at AvidThink, an independent research and advisory service formed in 2018 out of SDxCentral's research group. Prior to co-founding SDxCentral and running its research and product teams, Roy was a management consultant working with both Fortune 500 and startup technology companies on go-to-market and product consulting. As an early proponent of the software-defined infrastructure movement, Roy is a frequent speaker at technology events in the telco and cloud space and a regular contributor to major leading online publications. A graduate of UC Berkeley's electrical engineering and computer science program and MIT's Sloan School of Business, Roy has 20+ years of experience in telco and enterprise cloud computing, networking and security, including founding several Silicon Valley startups.

Date:  Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Time:  11:00am ET / 8am PT
Duration:  1 hour

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