Life sciences organizations are under pressure to accelerate time to market while adhering to rigorous compliance standards. A recent report commissioned by DocuSign found that improving business agility and compliance are critical priorities for the majority of life sciences companies.

But what stands in the way of business agility? Onerous manual paper processes prone to error and not adopting new technology because of lack of confidence in its validation. For instance, life science organizations has numerous contracts, forms, and regulatory documentation that needs to be prepared, signed, acted on, and managed. Yet these agreements also need to be validated and compliant. Streamlining this system of agreement and having confidence during ongoing validations are instrumental to accelerating product development and engaging patients in order drive business growth.

Learn how industry leaders are using DocuSign to modernize their systems of agreement while implementing GxP validation processes. Hear best practices about how to simplify and scale your business processes while also reducing your regulatory risk.

Featured Speakers

Kimberly Sivananthan 

Quality Assurance Associate Manager

How do you more quickly connect stem cell transplant patients with their stem cell donors?This is the challenge addressed every day by DKMS, a non-profit bone marrow donor registry with nearly 9 million active registrantsworldwide. Kimberly Sivananthan joined DKMS US in New York City as their Quality Assurance Associate Manager in January of 2017. During her tenure, she has contributed to closing the gap between stem cell donors and life saving transplants by introducing DocuSign’s 21 CFR Part 11 module into the donation workup process. Since November 2018, donors have been able to sign all of their consents on DocuSign while DKMS Medical Directors can review their health records and clear them for donation at a moment’s notice. 

Thomas Ranson

Project Manager
Charles River

Mr. Ransonis a Technical Project Manager and Communications Specialist with the Data and Report Delivery Services team at Charles River. He has 11 years of experience within the reporting group and recently joined the DRDS team where he oversees projects, includingthe implementation of DocuSign’s Part 11 module within Safety Assessment.Along with rolling out DocuSign for study-related documents, he also specializes in communications.He holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Jennifer Siegrist-Skapura

Global Computer Validation Quality Assurance Senior Specialist
Charles River

Ms. Skapura is a Senior Specialist with the Global Computer Validation QA department at Charles River Laboratories. She has 15 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry including a strong formulations background. She specializes in a global regulations impacting GLP and GMP systems and data workflows, global computer system validation, risk management and electronic signature implementation and validation. She holds a Bachelor in Biological Science and Organizational leadership and an MBA from Wright State University.

Ben Hurlburt

Director of QA

As Quality Assurance Director at DocuSign, Ben Hurlburt is dedicated to promoting a culture of quality, where every transaction matters--from the first to the billionth. He designs processes, creates automated systems, and develops software programs to validate, measure, and ensure the quality of DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud. With over 20 years of experience and leadership in quality assurance and test organizations across the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry, Ben has a deep understanding of what it means to ship software that people can trust.


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