Now that patients are directly responsible for a significant portion of healthcare expenses, a lot is hinging on the effectiveness of your patient communications and payment collection approach. Due to the growing trend of consumerism, patient engagement is a must in prompting a fast payment response.

This webinar will help providers develop patient-centric strategies to modernize their patient collection infrastructure and increase financial performance. Attendees will learn about consumer-centric, technology solutions that help increase patient collection from pre- to post-service. The presenters will also share a readiness plan in transitioning to single-statement billing with the goals of achieving positive outcomes for patients; as well as launching a successful deployment that is operationally and financially sound.

With the right patient-centric approach and strategic outlook, an integrated communications and payment approach can be a win-win for both providers and patients. Given the range of options, decisions and changes that must take place, combined with the operational workflow, providers need guidance and support to help them navigate industry changes and enhance their overall patient collection, while keeping a keen focus on patient satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about patient-based, integrated-technology solutions and channels for collecting patient payments
  2. Learn how to leverage best practices in statement design
  3. Prepare a readiness plan for single-statement billing
  4. Identify metrics to help you monitor progress and measure success
  5. Understand the components of identifying the right vendor to help you integrate your patient payment approach

Featured Speakers

Bryce Bruner

Solution Director - Communication and Payment Services
Change Healthcare

Bryce Bruner has spent the last 12 years in healthcare and financial services optimizing consumer behavior and helping to enhance healthcare financial literacy. Over the past four years, he has been enhancing and launching new solutions for Change Healthcare.

Matt Moore

Executive Director of Product Management Consumer Payment Solutions
Change Healthcare

Matt Moore is responsible for the strategy and product development for consumer healthcare payment solutions, focusing on the provider market. Matt has worked with large U.S. financial institutions, developing and launching online transactional solutions, invoice presentation and remittance processing solutions for retail and commercial companies. 


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