Investment in AI solutions across many industries, including healthcare, banking, retail, and more, continues to grow. According to a global IT research firm, AI spending is expected to skyrocket from $12.0 billion in 2017 to $57.6 billion by 2021.

Among the biggest contributors to the high cost of healthcare in the U.S. are the complexity and competing interests of payers, providers, and patients, says Nick Giannasi, Ph.D., chief data officer for Change Healthcare. AI and machine learning can help solve that.

For risk-adjusted health plans, Change Healthcare offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that can help optimize risk adjusted revenue, boost industry quality ratings, and enhance provider and member engagement. We’re harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to use your data to reveal actionable insights. We can help improve member targeting from chase lists to dual-eligibles, as well natural language processing to increase coding accuracy and enhance revenue reimbursement.

Featured Speakers

Jimmy Liu

Vice President, Risk Analytics
Change Healthcare

Jimmy is a risk adjustment industry thought leader and conference speaker who has been helping health plans nationwide to better understand and formulate their risk adjustment strategy for the past 10 years. He currently serves as Vice President of Risk Analytics at Change Healthcare supporting the Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial ACA lines of business, with a focus on analytics, strategy and innovation across the company.  Jimmy is an expert in risk scoring models and risk adjustment methodology, and he is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Alex Ermolaev

Director of AI
Change Healthcare

Alex has developed and led a variety of AI projects over the last 20 years, including enterprise AI, platforms and tools, natural language processing, imaging, and self-driving cars. He has built two startup companies and served as a strategic advisor for many more. Alex is an AI thought leader, serving as one of the most frequent “AI in Healthcare” speakers in the Silicon Valley.


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