Healthcare waste is contributing to the rising cost of healthcare in the U.S. Estimates suggest that more than $1 trillion in waste exists across the industry.1 A more efficient, accurate payment process offers an opportunity to help reduce issues such as fraud and claim errors. For example, it’s estimated that the U.S. experiences more than $200 billion in healthcare fraud annually. In addition, 3% - 7% of claims are paid incorrectly, costing payers more than $25 to rework a single claim and hospitals more than $118 per claim.2

This virtual roundtable discussion includes health plan and Change Healthcare executives who will discuss their approach to eliminating waste, with a focus on improving the accuracy of the payment process.

Attendees will hear different perspectives about:

  • How to drive payment accuracy across the continuum
  • How an end-to-end process helps reduce waste and move efficiencies earlier
  • The importance of collaborating with providers to deliver better results
  • What’s next for these health plans and the healthcare industry

1 Gartner, Inc 2018 Time for a Payment Integrity Renaissance
2 Harvard Business Review, How the U.S. Can Reduce Waste in Health Care Spending by $1 Trillion

Featured Speakers

Rich Campagna

Vice President, Internal Operations
Blue Cross of Idaho

Kim Jones-Schneider

Director, Payment Integrity Operations & Recoveries
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Patty Sinsel

Solutions Manager-Operations, Healthcare Solutions
Blue Cross Idaho

Mike Spellman

Director Business Consulting, Emerging solutions
Change Healthcare



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