Discover how Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) is delivering unprecedented insights built on access to granular data in a data science environment with persistently applied compliance.

The webinar will feature a strategic discussion between senior executives at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Change Healthcare, and Duke University School of Medicine about how life sciences professionals can leverage DSaaS to generate transformative insight that drives results that impact market delivery, execution, treatments, and more. 

Life sciences executives and data scientists attending this event will learn:

  • How to use DSaaS to deploys persistently applied compliance to healthcare analytics at scale.
  • How to incorporate social determinants of health (SDoH) data with claims data and other information to generate more detailed and powerful insights.
  • How leading institutions, including Duke School of Medicine, and others, are using DSaaS to uncover meaningful insights and improve patient care.

Featured Speakers

Tim Suther

Senior Vice President of Data Solutions
Change Healthcare

Tim is a strategic advisor and executive focused on maximizing commercial and societal value through data, analytics, and technology transformation. Tim is an award-winning CMO, customer experience champion, data-infused product innovator, and transformative strategist and operator. Learn more on LinkedIn.

Michael Pencina, Ph.D.

Vice Dean for Data Science and Information Technology
Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Michael Pencina is a Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics and Vice Dean for Data Science and Information Technology for the Duke University School of Medicine. He is a senior member of the dean’s leadership team, responsible for developing and implementing quantitative science strategies as they pertain to the education and training, and laboratory, clinical science, and data science missions of the Duke School of Medicine. He leads the School’s IT strategic direction and investments, working in collaboration with the vice presidents and chief information officers of Duke Health and Duke University’s Office of Information Technology. Learn more on LinkedIn.

Yury Rozenman

Group Research Manager, Research and Development

Yury has over 20 years of  experience within the industry in pharmaceutical research and development both as a team leader and group research  manager. He has worked in diagnostics and medical devices, and has been involved in the development and launch of world-class drugs and diagnostic tests. Learn more on LinkedIn.


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