What are the critical factors for OTC products to achieve consumer engagement and retail success?

Join industry experts as they analyze the critical role of innovation in OTC products, and strategies for achieving it:

  • Survey insights: Gain industry perspectives on important factors for introducing new OTC products, retail success, consumer needs and growth drivers and barriers as shared by participants of a recent survey
  • Market trends: Industry experts from Nicolas Hall Companies will provide a perspective on the importance of innovation in OTC, and discuss strategies for engaging consumers through the use of real-world case studies
  • Latest technologies: Product development expert from Catalent will present strategies and tools for bringing innovative dosage forms to market faster and share unique dosage forms for enhancing consumer experience and retail success

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Featured Speakers

Nina Stimson

VP & Member of the Advisory Board
Nicholas Hall Group

Nina Stimson is VP & Member of the Advisory Board, Nicholas Hall Group. Among many responsibilities, Nina keeps a close eye on market trends and innovations. Within the Nicholas Hall team she has considerable experience working with consumer healthcare players – from major multinationals to local startups  – in markets worldwide, especially in Europe and North America. 

Doug Durham

Research Advisor
Catalent Pharma Solutions

Over the last 30 years, Doug has gained a tremendous amount of experience in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in quality control, formulations sciences, analytical chemistry and structural elucidation.  Through his efforts, he has been directly responsible for the launch of many OTC and prescription products currently in the marketplace.


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