Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies approach external development and manufacturing partners for solutions for their product’s specific needs. New products are increasingly complex, must be developed in shorter timelines to meet patient needs, and may have shorter and more demand volatility as fast follow-up on competitors replace earliest-to-market products. With the rise in accelerated designations (i.e. orphan drugs, fast track, etc.) advanced manufacturing technologies and smaller batch sizes are becoming a trend. Industry trend is taking new approaches to meet these changes. Therefore, custom-designed equipment and suites, flexible manufacturing lines, and alternative delivery and manufacturing approaches are critical to achieving a timely and successful launch in a competitive marketplace. 

In this webinar, manufacturing experts will discuss the benefits of end-to-end solutions and share case studies on how flexible manufacturing strategies can accommodate the changing landscape of pharmaceutical products and help bring a drug to market. 

Key learnings include:

  • What are the trends in flexible manufacturing?
  • What do you look for when selecting a partner who offers flexible manufacturing?
  • Overview of manufacturing technologies that are easily scalable and reproducible
  • Discuss the different technologies that are easily scalable and reproducible
  • Case studies on flexible manufacturing solutions

Featured Speakers

Katie Noah

Pharmaceutical R&D Project Manager
Catalent, Winchester, KY

Katie Noah is a Pharmaceutical Research & Development Project Manager at Catalent’s Winchester, Kentucky facility.  Katie has been with Catalent for the past six years and has experience in supply chain and quality control.  She is responsible for facilitating technical transfers to the site and assisting the customer through development to process validation.  Katie has an undergraduate degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky.   

Alton Johnson

NGT Biopharma Consultants LLC

Alton Johnson is Principal at NGT Biopharma Consultants, and Owner of Alton Johnson Consulting LLC.  Alton Johnson is an industry leader in technology and innovation, manufacturing science and technology, and product and process development.  In June 2019, he retired as Vice President, Global Technology Services at Pfizer, after 31 years of experience in manufacturing and R&D.  Alton holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy from Purdue Industry in West Lafayette, Indiana, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. 


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