Spray drying is a proven technology for enhancing the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs through the production of amorphous spray dried dispersions (SDDs). As spray drying continues to increase in use due to its commercial viability, it is critical to develop effective scale-up and technology transfer processes to ensure the clinical and commercial success of novel pharmaceutical products.

This webinar features a Catalent expert presenting a roadmap for formulation and process development that can aid in seamless scale-up. Another expert from EuroAPI will provide an overview of typical tech transfer and scale-up processes, highlighting how thermodynamic modelling, engineering modifications, API conservation and cleaning techniques in large scale settings can help optimize overall processes in terms of yield and run times.

Attend this webinar to learn from real world case studies about best practices and strategies to mitigate risks and ensure a successful tech transfer from development through to commercial scale spray drying of pharmaceutical products.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how thermodynamic and mathematical modelling can aid in scale-up 
  • Learn how engineering modifications can be made to optimize the spray drying process
  • Gain insight into spray drying process optimization techniques including cleaning and conservation, in large-scale spray dryers
  • See how critical data collected during the early development phase supports process optimization 
  • Recognize how best practices efficiently align the development and technology transfer teams at the start of scale-up activity

Featured Speakers

Stephie Lee, M.S.

Associate Director, Pharmaceutics

Stephie Lee is Associate Director, Pharmaceutics at Catalent’s San Diego facility, which focuses on product development and analytical services. She has a broad background in preclinical and clinical formulation, process development and GMP manufacturing of small molecule candidates, with a focus on early phase strategies for bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble compounds. Ms. Lee has managed over 60 oral formulation programs, including spray dried dispersion, fluid bed processing and micronization projects. Prior to joining Catalent, Ms. Lee worked at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she focused her research on the effects of various reaction conditions on the morphologies of nano conductive polymers. Ms. Lee holds a master’s in chemistry and a bachelor’s in biochemistry from UCLA.

Nick Hodgson, M.S.

Head of Development and Spray Drying

Nick Hodgson is a Chemical and Process Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. He has worked with industrial spray dryers for much of that time in a variety of roles such as engineering projects, environment, health and safety as well as development and manufacturing operations. Throughout his career, Mr. Hodgson has responded to and overcome many challenges associated with large scale spray drying. He currently leads a cross functional team delivering spray drying services to clients from the Haverhill site of EUROAPI. The service includes process transfer and scale up capabilities for clinical trial support as well as commercial manufacturing. Mr. Hodgson holds a master’s in chemical and process engineering from the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK.

Dr Ian Alexander Barker

Director, Operations (Haverhill), Oral Drug Delivery
Catalent Nottingham Limited

Currently Director of Operations overseeing spray drying activities at Haverhill since January 2021, Ian holds a PhD in polymer chemistry and has previously held the role of Director of Pharmaceutical Development at Catalent Nottingham, and has worked at the Catalent site for over seven years.