In 2020, consumers purchased over-the-counter (OTC) medicine heavily in March, but then shifted their consumption to vitamins and dietary supplements (VMS) for the remainder of the year. While there are hundreds of webinars looking at where to innovate in VMS, a critical question remains, where to innovate in OTC?  In this webinar Catalent partnered with NielsenIQ to bring forward new insights that provide starting points for re-establishing growth via innovation in the OTC market.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • New views of the OTC market based on purchasing data
  • New insights into usage preferences based on new consumer survey results
  • Emerging territories of growth in OTC medicine
  • Short and long term opportunities to accelerate growth

Featured Speakers

Emily Mescher


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Emily Mescher has spent 20+ years in marketing, innovation, and analytics. She helps clients understand consumer behavior, develop brand strategies, uncover unmet demand, and improve innovation outcomes. Emily has held numerous leadership roles within NielsenIQs global product leadership, client service and analytic functions. Emily holds an MBA in Marketing and International Business from the University of Cincinnati.

Dan Peizer

Vice President, Global Marketing & Strategy, Consumer Health

Dan joined Catalent in 2013 and has held a number of strategic marketing and business development roles. In his current role, he is responsible for strategy and marketing planning for Catalent’s global consumer health business including the over-the-counter (OTC), vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS), and beauty sectors.


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