The broadband world is ready for a new disruptive technology and many believe that this disruptor could be 5G mmWave. How do we take advantage of this unique opportunity?

5G mmWave spectrum offers wide frequency bandwidths which means it has the ability deliver Gigabit speeds to users. There are, however, numerous technical hurdles in deploying mmWave technology which are being seen by many as a significant barrier. Is it possible that these barriers destroy the business case for the technology, becoming a roadblock to widespread commercial deployment? What are the newly-available Fixed Wireless mmWave technologies that could allow the technology to flourish?

Casa Systems is the industry leader in Fixed Wireless, with the world’s largest FWA deployments using sub-6 GHz, 4G and 5G technologies. mmWave is unquestionably the next frontier for FWA solutions. In this webinar, Steve Collins, Casa Systems SVP of Access Devices, will discuss:

  • How mmWave changes the game for urban, suburban, commercial and rural environments
  • The real-world performance we can expect from the latest generation of 5G mmWave and the limitations
  • The challenges in deploying 5G mmWave devices, and what pitfalls to avoid
  • The 5G mmWave FWA Use Cases that Casa Systems believes will succeed

Featured Speaker

Steve Collins

Senior Vice President, Access Devices
Casa Systems

Steve was previously a part of NetComm Wireless, an industry leader in Fixed Wireless solutions, which was acquired by Casa Systems in July 2019. Steve is now SVP of Access Devices, a Casa Systems product group responsible for Casa’s Access Technologies. Steve is a customer-focused technology innovator with more than 25 years of international product design realisation. He is responsible for many world-firsts and a patent holder himself.

Steve possesses the rare gift of taking an incredibly complex technological challenge and providing a solution in understandable terms. An in-demand international speaker regularly appearing at world leading industry events, Steve is at the bleeding edge of the technology curve.

Date:  Monday, September 28, 2020
Time:  2pm ET / 11am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

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