Nearly 30% of adults in the US are caregivers for loved ones. This means that your members are either wrestling with the challenges of caregiving or dependent on someone who is.

Left unsupported these caregivers are largely stressed, burned out and uncertain whether the decisions they make are the best for them or their loved one. This strain creates medical risk in Medicare populations and lost productivity in commercial ones and it is putting pressure on health plan administrators and product leaders to develop programs that address the need.

Yet this also creates great opportunity to provide needed assistance, earn trust and influence outcomes. For health plans and provider entities planning 2022 benefits and care models, particularly those considering CMS-approved supplemental benefits, Dr. Alan Spiro and Shara Cohen from Carallel will offer:

  • Key insights into available and meaningful support
  • Best practices in caregiver identification and activation
  • Practical guidance for designing a differentiated benefit for Medicare, Commercial and Medicaid
  • First steps to ensure implementation excellence

Featured Speakers

Shara Cohen


Shara is Carallel’s President and CEO.  She has spent the last 20 years helping healthcare organizations think differently about how to involve and empower people more effectively in their care and health. Prior to joining Carallel, Shara was VP of Customer Experience for Wolters Kluwer Health and Emmi Solutions. She is committed to building solutions that engage caregivers in ways that are scalable and personal, expert and accessible.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and a JD from Fordham University.

Alan Spiro

Chief Medical Advisor

Alan has been bringing innovative ideas into operational reality for over 30 years.  He was formerly SVP for Strategy and Analytics and CMO for Blue Health Intelligence, CMO at Medica, and a co-founder of Accolade.  At Accolade, Alan spearheaded the development of health advocacy programs that significantly improved health outcomes, resulting in cost savings and clinical quality improvement.

Alan holds an MD degree from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and a BA degree from NYU. 


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