In these extraordinary times, CDMO's find themselves in the unique territory, helping to supply innovators with clinical trial materials intended for COVID-19 applications as well as managing tremendous pressure in delivering products with raw material and supply chain scarcity. Often, timing requirements for these urgent projects pose significant challenges to typical CDMO timelines.  However, when forced to find a solution, there are some options available to CDMO managers that can bridge this potentially cavernous gap. 

At Cambrex we follow a “Reverse Engineering Methodology” helping our customers during these challenging times to ensure that timely deliveries are secured as well as supply chain efficiency is safeguarded.

Join us for a live webcast that will showcase valuable case studies and new methodologies that can help the wider CDMO industry in tackling delays in project deliveries.

We will also cover our strategy to ensure the delivery of drugs to customers and patients in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak with additional issues such as raw material and re-homing issues.

Featured Speakers

Ralph Landau

Head of Development

Ralph Landau is Head of Development at Cambrex. He has extensive small-molecule launch expertise and has worked on more than 50 new product launches, particularly in topical, injectable, liquid and solid dosage forms. Prior to joining Cambrex, Ralph worked for Sandoz, Novartis and Merck. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and BSc from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Satish Shetty

Director of Product Development

Satish Shetty is Director of Product Development at Cambrex. He has been with the company for 11 years. Prior to joining Halo Pharma and Cambrex, he worked for Barr Laboratories, Pfizer and Trigen Laboratories. Satish has a Master’s degree in Pharmacy and MBA from Washington State University.  He is a Registered Pharmacist in New Jersey.