There are common payment integrity (PI) issues that persistently hinder healthcare payers from successfully implementing business processes that modernize healthcare administration systems. Healthcare in the U.S. has an expensive payment integrity problem - $800 million. This is the staggering price-tag to the healthcare system of manual, inefficient and ineffective approaches to coordination of benefits. $350 billion - that is the cost to the US economy of administrative complexity in our healthcare system. Assistant Inspector General Ann Maxwell estimated improper payments by Medicare and Medicaid to exceed $88 billion annually. This webinar will explore the payment integrity problem, as well as trends in PI solutions. 

Join healthcare industry experts on this virtual round-table and gain insights into trends and innovative approaches used by healthcare payers for cost avoidance and how they are delivering substantial financial improvement through payment integrity models.

Attendees will learn:

  • Pros & Cons of
    • (i) Prospective and
    • (ii) Retrospective approaches to payment integrity solutions
  • Trends driving payment integrity programs.
  • Recommendations for streamlining payment integrity solutions



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