This session will present three perspectives on the role of Bluetooth® mesh technology in the ecosystem of commercial buildings.

We will start with a product vendor - ERP Power - the innovative manufacturer of Bluetooth mesh - qualified drivers with sensors, energy metering, remote diagnostics and embedded intelligence.

Linmore LED will share their perspective as a system vendor highlighting the benefits of Bluetooth mesh as the underlying technology for Ultralink - the open, interoperable, DLC-qualified lighting control system focused on energy efficiency.

And last but not least EMC will share the system integrator's perspective illustrated by case studies of large commercial projects based on Bluetooth mesh.

The session will conclude with a discussion panel with the presenters addressing questions from the audience.

Featured Speakers

Simon Slupik

President & CTO

CTO and co-founder at Silvair, Chair of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth SIG. Serial entrepreneur with strong engineering background.

As the CTO of Silvair, Simon has been positioning the company as the leading provider of a smart lighting control platform as a service, based on interoperable and open standards. He drove the development of Bluetooth mesh networking since the conception, elevating smart lighting as the primary application for this innovative wireless technology. Simon is the author of the Mesh Model specification that lays the ground for interoperability of multi-vendor smart lighting systems.

Vachik Javadian

VP of Applications Engineering
ERP Power

Vachik Javadian has 34 years of experience in Lighting, controls and Electronics Industry. Vachik is currently Vice President of Applications Engineering at ERP, leading the FAE and internal applications team and helping customers implement proper driver, LED system, control and thermal designs. He also helps define the next generation drivers.

Paul Chamberlain

President & CEO
Linmore LED

Paul is the President/CEO of Linmore LED Labs. Paul was previously the President of EnPro Group for 15 years, a general and electrical contractor specializing in energy projects for large facilities such as lighting upgrades, solar, motor controls, and HVAC control systems. Prior to EnPro Group, Paul was in senior management for 10 years with a billion dollar Caterpillar dealer. Paul earned a Bachelors and MBA from Fresno State University.

Ben Wright

Senior Sales Engineer

Ben Wright is a senior sales engineer with the Advanced Development group for LED lighting + controls + IoT conversion systems and services provider EMC. During his tenure with EMC, Ben has served in multiple capacities and in his current role he and his team are focused on driving value through emerging lighting technologies, as well as developing new products for the market. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from Montana State University School of Architecture.