LiDAR for autonomous vehicles has been called a ‘fool’s errand’, characterized by cumbersome hardware that is costly and unreliable. What many don’t appreciate is how far LiDAR has progressed over the last year. Join Cibby Pulikkaseril, CTO and co-founder of Baraja, for an in-depth look at the latest generation of LiDAR scanning methods.

In this webinar you will understand:
  • The unique and challenging requirements for AV LiDAR,
  • The underlying physics that delineate constraints,
  • How the next generation of LiDAR technologies are overcoming all the constraints.

Featured Speaker:

Cibby Pulikkaseril

CTO and Co-Founder

Cibby Pulikkaseril is CTO and Co-Founder of Baraja, a start-up with a unique approach to LiDAR for self-driving vehicles. Cibby has been active in photonics since 1999, finishing his PhD(EE) in 2009 and contributing to breakthroughs in optical telecommunications at companies like Finisar Australia. At Baraja, Cibby leverages this experience to rethink LiDAR, developing a fundamentally differentiated technology called Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR.


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