Simple cloud telephony migrations? They don’t exist. However, with a little education and pre-planning, you can side-step some of the frequent obstacles that organizations encounter. Join our experts to discover how to prepare your telecom stack for a move to those sexy cloud based Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms (without disrupting day-to-day operations.)

You’ll learn how to:

  • Move your numbers seamlessly without disrupting your employees' workday
  • Implement best practices for provisioning endpoints, testing 911, and more
  • Migrate to the cloud without losing connectivity to public safety
  • Avoid any downtime for your high profile toll-free numbers
  • Eliminate the “one-way door” problem

Featured Speakers

Caitlin Long

Product Marketing Manager, Voice

In her time at Bandwidth, Caitlin has been in charge of go-to-market strategy, including messaging and positioning, for all Voice products. A storyteller by trade, she has worked in Product Marketing for five years and specializes in translating technical product information so the customer doesn't have to.

Tricia McConnell

Product Marketing Manager, 911

Tricia joined Bandwidth in February, 2019 as the 911 Product Marketing Manager. She has more than twenty years of experience marketing technical solutions to a variety of audiences, but the last four years working in 911 and public safety have been the most interesting and gratifying.


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