Wireless TSN is on the horizon. There is a burgeoning consensus that Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and wireless capabilities will combine to unlock standards-based, scalable, and highly flexible use cases. Resting on the foundation of open standards as defined in IEEE 802.1, TSN-based Wi-Fi and 5G networks will be able to support a range of industries and applications, from the factory floor to the enterprise, live sound, and many others. Wireless TSN can be used to manage automated operations, digest and react to data from multiple systems in real-time, and provide a flow of time-sensitive data that will fuel enhanced AI decision-making, greater efficiency, and expanding customization capabilities, among a whole host of other benefits.

By better understanding the fundamental benefits and role that TSN plays on a network, and models for rolling TSN onto wireless networks, stakeholders can begin planning now for the inevitable, untethering of the IoT and other time-sensitive applications from its wired infrastructure.

Ready to learn more about Wireless TSN? Join representatives from Intel, Cisco, and Keysight Technologies, as members of the Avnu Alliance, for this webinar session to discuss the latest capabilities of and requirements for Wireless TSN expected from multiple industries, and how the Avnu Alliance is addressing those requirements alongside other industry organizations, including interoperability testing and certification specifications.

Featured Speakers

Dave Cavalcanti

Principal Engineer
Intel Corporation

Dave Cavalcanti is Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation. He received his PhD in computer science and engineering in 2006 from the University of Cincinnati. He leads Intel Lab’s research on Wireless Time-Sensitive Networking (WTSN) and serves as the chair of the Wireless TSN working group in the Avnu Alliance.

Malcolm Smith

Advisor, Wireless CTO, Intent-based-networking-group (IBNG)

Malcolm Smith is an advisor in the wireless CTO at Cisco System’s Intent-based-networking-group (IBNG). He is responsible for Wi-Fi 7/8 technology planning and strategy including innovation, standards, IP and ecosystem/partner development. He holds 100+ patents in the wireless communications space and a M.Sc in EE from University of Calgary.

Alon Regev

Keysight Technologies

Alon is fluent in hardware and software domains with expertise in wireless, wireline, and Time Sensitive Networks (TSN). He has 30 years of industry experience and holds 50 patents. He’s the chair of the Avnu testability subgroup, member of the Avnu Wireless TSN group, and a member of working groups in IEEE and 5G-ACIA.

Date:  Monday, October 11, 2021
Time:  2pm ET / 11am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

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