It can be easy to assume your business is responsible for sales and use tax alone, especially if that’s what you’ve always done. However, a growing number of technology market segments outside of traditional communications businesses are unaware an expanding array of communications taxes, fees, and filing requirements are fast becoming applicable as their products and services evolve.

Join Avalara’s Steve Lacoff and Toby Bargar for this can’t-miss webinar for those responsible for product planning and launch, and those who have tax responsibility. They’ll cover technologies like streaming, collaboration tools, IoT, communications-as-a-service, and many others in this evolving tax landscape.

You’ll learn:

  • Which types of products, apps, and services are now encountering communications tax (you may be surprised)
  • The complexities and potential pitfalls of these taxes versus sales tax
  • What the business risk is for failing to plan for communications tax up-front and some practical planning considerations to take  into account

Learn how to identify these risks as well as have a plan to not only get, but stay ahead of, them.  Don’t put your business on the line for hefty communications tax penalties and fines. Register now.

Featured Speakers

Steve Lacoff

General Manager, Communications

Steve is general manager, Communications at Avalara. He has spent more than 15 years in various general manager, product, and marketing leadership roles in the communications, streaming, and technology industries. Steve now drives the overall Communications business unit strategy and regularly provides thought leadership on today’s changing industry landscape and associated tax impacts.

Toby Bargar

Senior Tax Strategist

Toby is an attorney and senior tax strategist in the Communications business unit at Avalara. He regularly advises customers on complex transaction tax issues, particularly in the field of communications tax and regulatory surcharges. In addition to consulting on challenging client-specific tax questions, he is a frequent speaker on transaction tax and regulatory issues. 

Date:  Thursday, September 23, 2021
Time:  2pm ET / 11am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

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