As we approach 2020, providing patient support services via a HUB is a market access reality for virtually all specialty products. For many, it may seem logical simply to replicate the service models of industry-leading HUBs. But the reality is that a manufacturer’s approach to HUB design should be just as unique as the product and its patient and prescriber populations.

Designed for pharma and biotech patient support, brand, and market access teams, this webinar will explore a variety of factors to consider when choosing between insourced, outsourced, and hybrid HUB models, including:
  • Characteristics of each model
  • Advantages & disadvantages of each model
  • Key requirements
  • Considerations for:
    • Program design
    • Technology & data
    • Legal/regulatory/compliance
    • Human resources
    • Training & quality
    • Facilities
    • Operations
  • Timelines
  • Cost differences

Featured Speakers

Douglas Bock

Archbow Consulting

Douglas Bock advises clients worldwide on complex specialty product reimbursement, patient access programs, supply chain optimization, trade relations, and REMS.He spent the first 15 years of his career at Roche, Solvay and Merck in a progressive series of sales, marketing and business development roles. Over the past decade, Douglas has consulted and co-founded a global patient services company as well as Placer Consulting and Archbow Consulting.

DeWayne Manning

Archbow Consulting

DeWayne Manning draws on 25 years of experience to advise clients on specialty product reimbursement, patient access programs, business process optimization, technology integration, and data management. His career includes specialty pharmacy business management with ivpcare, leading start-ups in the CRM technology space, launching the HUB services organization Sonexus, and founding BioInsight Consulting and Archbow Consulting. 


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