In this Master Class webinar, we will review how to get our community back into our fitness centers and how to keep our members and guests safe and healthy. As fitness operators, we are entering uncharted territory where customer relations is now going to be the foundation of our survival and growth. During this webinar, listeners will gain an understanding of what type of conversations and connections can and should be made with members as well as the impact of those conversations in our engagement and retention. In addition, how consumers want to be communicated with, and what you need to know in order to attract new business.

Featured Speaker:

Cameron Marcum

Founder and CEO


Cameron Marcum, founder and CEO of Trek CCM, LLC, has been in the CRM, messaging and communication, and revenue-building field for 25 years. After working for Hewlett Packard, KLAS Enterprises and as a corporate trainer in CRM implementation, he founded Lucid Contact after seeing a hole that fitness center operators were trying to fill using different platforms that didn't address the real issue. Lucid Contact focused on the things the employees weren't doing: converting prospects, increasing member activity, saving cancellations and collecting past dues. He then created Trek CCM, which offers a platform that addresses the end goals of contact progression and revenue while helping the member gain value out of each location. Trek's primary goal is to be an extension of your staff as we contact and engage prospects on a one to one basis. This conversation is initiated automatically to the contact. One of our live agents internally picks it up and turns that into revenue. Trek assigns a team with an account manager and communication specialists who keep your schedules full, payments collected and credit cards updated. Trek CCM also delivers reporting on the conversation and demographics within your location to help you see why prospects are not signing up, who you are losing to and what members are saying about your club.

Duration:  1 Hour

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