Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is a mathematical modeling and engineering approach to translational medicine that aims to quantitatively integrate knowledge about therapeutics with an understanding of its mechanism of action in the context of human disease mechanisms.  QSP models provide quantitative guidance throughout R&D and are often leveraged to help optimize and accelerate lead generation, prioritize experiments, de-risk  clinical candidate selection, and help with Ph1 & Ph 2 predictions and improved Ph1 design.

In this webinar, we will present a QSP Case Study which assesses a Lipid Nanoparticle to treat Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Type 1.  Specifically, we will show how the QSP model was used to support translation from preclinical to clinical trials as well as first-in-human dosing.

This webinar is ideal for scientists and decision makers in R&D who want to learn more about how to leverage QSP to provide quantitative guidance for their drug discovery and development

Featured Speaker

Pratap Singh, PhD

Director of Pharmacometrics and Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Pratap Singh, Ph.D., is currently a Director of Pharmacometrics and Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology at Alexion Pharmaceuticals. He manages PK/PD, translational, and systems modelling efforts for a number of clinical and non-clinical projects. Prior to joining Alexion, Pratap spent 9 years at Pfizer where he led small and large molecule modelling efforts for rare disease, inflammation, immunology and oncology research units.


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