A patient discharged from the hospital usually doesn't stop being a patient. More often, that person requires some level of follow-up care at home, with their primary care physician or with a specialist. As patients make their way through the healthcare system, providers and insurers are using digital tools to guide them along the continuum of care for patient journey management.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss ways in which technology is helping patients access the care they need even after they leave the four walls of a hospital. Using telehealth, mobile apps and remote monitoring for follow-up treatment, providers are improving quality of care while reducing high-cost readmissions or unnecessary trips to the emergency room. Meanwhile, patients are getting necessary follow-up care often without leaving the confines of their house. Speakers will touch on successful pilot projects that have reduced cost and improved quality, ways to integrate new technology and collaborate with providers, and how to measure success.

Featured Speakers

PJ Goren

Operating Officer for the Center for Health Delivery Innovation
Nemours Children's Health System

Vishwanath Anantraman, M.D.

Chief Information Architect
Northwell Health

Fritz Haimberger

Global Industry Leader - Healthcare Provider