[eBrief] Turning 5G Visions Into Reality

5G has arrived. One consequence will be the largest volume of millimeter-wave (mmW) ICs ever produced. A radical use case evolution is happening to make ubiquitous 5G possible by harnessing mmW spectrum to increase data speeds by orders of magnitude.

We are now beginning the multi-year rollout of 5G NR that should take us through the next decade. Anokiwave continues to deliver the technology needed for mmW 5G telecommunication networks with its second generation of 5G ICs supporting 3GPP compliance for 5G-NR available now and our platform of 3rd generation solutions supporting the full RF signal chain coming in Q1 of 2019.

For this market to realize its huge potential and to develop as promised, OEMs and mmW component suppliers like Anokiwave need to address the technical challenges but also consider the economic factors that will ensure the success of 5G.

This ebrief will discuss these as well as other technical and economic factors related to commercializing 5G mmWave arrays, and what the industry is doing to solve them.

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