With over 130 commercial non-standalone 5G launches, it is increasingly clear that the full promise of 5G doesn’t magically make an appearance in its current state of “faster 4G”. The true potential of 5G is made available to operators with new Network Embedded Services (NES).

NES are specifically designed to drive out, curate and monetize underlying network capabilities as the mobile industry surges towards the real 5G inflection point – that of the transition to 5G Standalone and fully converged network and business architectures.

To achieve this goal, the network must evolve from just a means of delivering a service to becoming an integral part of the proper functioning of the end-to-end service itself. This value-based evolution provides a unique opportunity for CSPs to reposition themselves as stronger, more prominent players in the overall ecosystem, but it requires a real-time and dynamic bridge between telco IT, the 5G network itself and the outside world inhabited by endless forms of enterprises and hyperscale Cloud entities.

The 5G Value Plane addresses this need and helps CSPs monetize the innovative offerings appearing today, while ensuring maximum preparation and agile poise for the huge net new business opportunities presented during the full 5G generational change.

Join this webinar to hear about:

Existing and emerging examples of NES offerings

How the 5G Value Plane enables seamless business to network to outside-world exposure

Key consideration on evolution paths to new services, partners and business models

Featured Speakers

Ron Porter

Product Marketing Lead

Ron Porter is the product marketing lead for Amdocs monetization solutions. He is part of Amdocs’ technology team covering the industry shift into the digital era of 5G, cloud and IoT and the wide opportunities that come with it. As a Communication Systems Engineer with an MBA in marketing and finance, and with over 15 years of experience in the telecom industry, Ron has a passion for bridging technological advancements with business opportunities that are driving the industry’s revolution.

David Hovey

Executive Director of 5G solutions & Cloud Strategy

David is Executive Director of 5G solutions & Cloud Strategy for Openet. He has over 20 years of world-wide mobile service provider market and technology experience and engages with leading global CSPs/DSPs and Cloud Providers to deliver the next generation of cloud native network and 5G Digital BSS solutions.

Maribel Lopez

Industry Analyst, Author, Technology Influencer
Lopez Research LLC

Maribel is the founder of Lopez Research, a market research and strategy consulting firm. She's also the co-founder of the Emerging Technology Research Council, a community of business and technical leaders in Fortune 1000 companies focused on driving innovation and business value by leveraging emerging technologies. Currently her research includes technology topics such as mobility, cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Her clients range from start-ups to global firms, including 10 of the Fortune 30.Maribel is also the author of the John Wiley and Sons book "Right-time Experiences" a contributor to Forbes and host of the podcast Reimagine Hybrid Work.


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