Join the conversation to learn more about value-rich network slicing use cases, and how to ensure successful monetization with agile, iterative lifecycle management of slice-based services:

  • Current market trends – who’s doing what?
  • Priority use cases – where’s the money?
  • Main challenges in managing the lifecycle of network slicing-based services and offerings
    • Why your slice management system must be adaptive and real time
    • The critical role of end-to-end, vendor-neutral orchestration/automation/ integration
  • Lessons learned from Amdocs-Mavenir network slicing POC with Tier-1 operators
  • Why top-down, business- and customer-driven slice segmentation is key to successful monetization
  • What does the optimal path to 5G network slicing monetization look like?
    • What are the most important architectural concepts in the 5G network that will enable more agile network slicing creation?
    • How does cloud-native and containerization play a role in 5G Network Slice creation.

As a network, IT or business decision-maker or influencer, learn why network slicing is the gamechanger that will enable service providers to get a slice of the 5G action.

Featured Speaker & Analyst 

Oren Marmur

VP, Head of NFV

Oren Marmur is the Head of NFV at Amdocs and leads all business and product-related activities in the Network Function Virtualization space, including NFV Orchestration, VNF Management and the NFV Ecosystem and Partnership program. With over 20 years’ experience in the telecom and optical industries, Oren has held several executive, business and technical-related positions and specializes in leading advanced technologies into successful execution, market penetration and strong business growth.

Iain Gillott

Founder and President

Iain Gillott, the founder and president of iGR, is an acknowledged wireless and mobile industry authority and an accomplished presenter. Mr. Gillott has been involved in the wireless industry, as both a vendor and analyst, for more than 26 years. iGR was founded in 2000 as iGillottResearch, Inc. in order to provide in-depth market analysis and data focused exclusively on the wireless and mobile industry, and now, on the move from 4G LTE to 5G.

Dejan Leskaroski

Head of PLM, EPC & 5G Core

Dejan Leskaroski is the Head of Product Management at Mavenir and he leads product-related activities as part of the Mavenir Packet Compute Business Unit, including the Mavenir virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and the Mavenir fully containerized 5G Core (5GC).

Dejan has over 20 years of telecom experience delivering telco products and solutions for many of the leading Tier-1 operators in both the Core and Radio Access Networks, including 4G/5G Network Functions, NFV integration and Orchestration.

Date:  Thursday, May 14, 2020
Time:  10am ET/ 7am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

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