[eBrief] Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Successful IoT Deployments

The internet of things (IoT) continues to stand as a huge opportunity for a wide range of players across the telecom and technology spectrum. The notion of connecting monitors, machines and other objects to a network, thus granting them some level of intelligence, could well revolutionize industry sectors ranging from agriculture to manufacturing. 

But perhaps the best indication that the IoT is gaining legs is the growing number of initial IoT deployments. Companies have offered glimpses into their connected device strategies, while cities across the country are investing in smart city technologies that leverage the IoT – and those are just a few of the many examples of real-world IoT movements.

Thus, with deployments accelerating, now is the time to review what it takes to implement a successful IoT system. How can service providers, integrators, vendors and others best meet customer requests? How might those customer requests differ across market sectors? How should IoT devices be configured and deployed to ensure secure and reliable performance? And what types of technologies and solutions are available to IoT shoppers looking to get the most from their investment?

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