This webinar will discuss life cycle management strategies for patients with swallowing disorders and the overall impact on patient perception. The webinar will include several panel speakers representing different perspectives and case study examples including:

Formulation Strategies Related to Lifecycle Management

  • Challenges and why oral dosage forms are not applicable to everyone
  • Understand how many syrups and alternatives to pills taste very bad
  • Describe how dispersed solid oral dosage forms can provide a taste-and performance-acceptable alternative to existing therapeutics.

Case Study: Micro-tablets, a novel age appropriate solid dosage form for medicines for pediatric and geriatric population

  • The unique advantages that differentiate micro-tablets from other traditional dosage forms
  • Current understanding of the manufacturing processes and challenges
  • Product presentations and delivery technologies

Film Coating Innovation to Support Patient Adherence, Life Cycle Management, and Product Development Strategy

  • Unmask influences that contribute to patient non-adherence and the factors that impact how people feel about the swallowability of tablets
  • Discover the science behind improving the swallowability of tablets
  • Gain insight into the critical attributes of a film coating to make a tablet easy to swallow

Featured Speakers

Nathan Dormer, Ph.D

Director of Drug Product Development
Adare Pharma Solutions

Dr. Dormer is a pharmaceutical scientist and bioengineer with over a decade of experience developing microsphere-based solid oral and parenteral/implantable dosage forms, with an emphasis on controlled release and other innovative formulation concepts. He is responsible for pharmaceutical development activities such as creation of prototypes, analytical method development, CMC and IP documentation, pharmacokinetic correlations, tech transfer, manufacture of clinical supplies, and commercial scale process optimization and validation. Dr. Dormer received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and his Ph.D. with Honors in Bioengineering, both from The University of Kansas.

Biplob Mitra, PhD

Principal Scientist, Drug Product Development
Bristol Myers Squibb

Biplob Mitra holds B. Pharm. (Hons.) and M. Pharm. degrees from Dhaka University in Bangladesh and Ph.D. in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy from Purdue University in Indiana. Biplob has over 15 years of experience, at Lilly and BMS, in developing clinical and commercial formulations and manufacturing processes for small molecule drug products. His research interests focus on patient centric drug development, design and optimization of micro-/mini-tablets, novel formulations and processes enabling micro-dosing, and mechanistic understanding of granulation and compression.

Jason Teckoe, PhD CChem

Technical Director
Colorcon EMEA

Jason Teckoe received his B.Sc. in chemistry from the University of Warwick (UK), followed by a M.Sc. in polymer science from the University of Lancaster (UK) and Ph.D. in polymer physics from the University of Reading (UK).  Jason has over 20 years’ experience formulating novel solid oral dosage forms and film coatings systems and is a named inventor on several patents.  Jason joined Colorcon in 2007, as Senior Manager - New Product Development, based in Harleysville, PA, USA, where he led the innovative development of Colorcon’s film coating systems.  Since 2017, Jason has been back in the UK based in Colorcon’s regional HQ in Dartford, where he heads up the Technical Team.