Are you looking for a higher-quality, faster-time to market manufacturing solution for your protein therapeutic? Webinar attendees will learn how AbSci and KBI’s partnership enables cell line development through bulk microbial GMP manufacturing in 6 months, using cutting edge cell line development and biomanufacturing technology.  Topics covered include:

  • E. coli SoluPro® and Protein PrintingTM technologies that enable rapid cell line development for complex protein therapeutics, including bispecifics, cytokines, and difficult-to-express next generation antibody scaffolds.
  • Seamless tech transfer of a robust, scalable cell line and fermentation process from AbSci to KBI Biopharma, along with KBI downstream process refinement for robust manufacturing supply
  • GMP biopharma manufacturing and release testing at KBI Biopharma’s state of the art manufacturing facilities
  • Key CMC enablement activities via KBI Biopharma’s advanced product formulation, analytical characterization and stability program design and expertise

Featured Speakers

Melissa Patterson, PhD

Senior Director, Alliance Management

Melissa is a distinguished protein scientist & inventor leading AbSci’s alliance management group. She obtained her PhD in chemistry from Emory University and performed post-doctoral work at Oregon Health & Science University.

Brandon Vail

Vice President, Business Development
KBI Biopharma

Brandon is a highly technical Business Development leader at KBI Biopharma with 24 years industry experience.  He is a trained chemical engineer and has previously held process development and leadership roles at Amgen, Merck and KBI. 


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