Are you looking for a higher-quality, faster-time to market manufacturing solution for your protein therapeutic? Webinar attendees will learn how AbSci’s Protein PrintingTM technology has revolutionized biomanufacturing and enabled production of high quality, complex therapeutic proteins in E. coli SoluPro®. Topics covered include:

  • Cell line design and cell screening strategies to optimize expression for antibodies and difficult-to-express proteins
  • Cell line scalability and protein titer and quality metrics that meet pharma standards
  • Unprecedented cell line development speed enabled by a synthetic biology-driven workflow that meets timeline needs for COVID-19 therapeutics
  • Opportunities to simultaneously perform protein discovery and assess biomanufacturability

This webinar will be targeted to senior technical staff and business development professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 

Featured Speaker

Melissa Patterson, PhD.

Senior Director of Alliance Management

Melissa is a distinguished protein scientist & inventor leading AbSci’s alliance management group. Before joining AbSci, Melissa’s career in academia aimed to improve & elucidate complex protein folding mechanisms. She obtained her PhD in chemistry from Emory University and post-doctoral work at Oregon Health & Science University. In 2016, Melissa joined the AbSci team as a scientific leader & innovator. She has delivered invited presentations on AbSci’s technology and is a coinventor of AbSci’s patented purification technologies (SoluPure).


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