Regional and rural service providers, spurred by massive government funding, are rushing to buildout “last mile”  broadband coverage to underserved communities.  The public need is urgent and the cost of last mile buildout already very high, but this is also a unique opportunity to enable millions of eager new subscribers to leap forward in digital transformation.  To achieve this, service providers must look beyond last mile access and reassess key elements of the data center or core network that will strengthen digital resiliency and meet rising subscriber expectations with a network that is fully carrier grade end-to-end.

This panel focuses on critical considerations for core network functions, including IP connectivity and security that should be made early in the planning process for a new build out or network expansion.  The price of scarce IPv4 addresses keeps rising and IPv4 must co-exist with IPv6 for years to come. In addition, threat actors are eyeing the broadband expansion with a different view – millions of new and (possibly) less-savvy potential victims in remote, lightly secured areas -  soon even more accessible for malicious activities.  

Join Roy Chua and Terry Young in a panel to discuss:

  • New services to consider around SD-WAN/SASE/IoT
  • Resiliency requirements for remote Ops and NetDevOps
  • Rural implications of AgTech, IoT and DDoS threats
  • Importance of telemetry, visibility, automation
  • Pandemic-inspired changes in subscriber expectations of availability and security
  • Rising DDoS and other cyber threats and why regional ISPs should be concerned
  • Co-existence of IPv4 and IPv6 and implications for operators
  • Real life examples from regional service providers

Featured Speakers

Roy Chua

Founder and Principal

Roy Chua is founder and principal at AvidThink, an independent research and advisory service covering technology infrastructure. Roy was previously co-founder at SDxCentral. As an early proponent of the software-defined infrastructure movement, Roy is a frequent speaker at events in the telco and cloud space and a regular contributor to leading technology publications.

Terry Young

Director of Service Provider Product Marketing
A10 Networks

Terry Young is director of Service Provider & 5G marketing at A10 Networks. Prior to A10 Networks, Young led mobile network product marketing at Palo Alto Networks. Among her previous roles, she was at AT&T (mobile and fixed businesses), where she developed market strategy recommendations for new business initiatives. Young also served as a principal analyst for Healy and Co. early in the 3G technology introduction and her 3G/4G market analysis and forecasts were regularly published by the UMTS Forum. She has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and holds an MBA from Arizona State University.

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